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    Karl Blumenthal

    Hi, Jackie.

    If I understand correctly, this was a manually-launched test crawl, so the only reason that any seed--active or inactive--would be included is that it was specifically selected from your seed list for the crawl. Inactive seeds exist in the same collection-level seeds list as your active seeds, so this stands to reason. Inactive seeds may be manually launched at any time; their distinction is only that they will not launch automatically on any regular schedule (monthly, weekly, etc.). If you checked the 'select all' box in your seeds list, that is, before launching your crawl, you would have included both active and inactive seeds from your list.

    We cannot remove data from your finished test crawl, but to avoid this in the future, you can filter your seeds list to specifically show only active seeds by using the little gear icon next to the "Status" column of that list:

    Doing so, you can select only the active seeds you want, run a new test crawl, and delete this old one.

    Let me know if I've missed the issue here, though. That's always a possibility!

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