Archive-It Advanced Training Webinar Series



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    Mary Haberle

    Great question--yes, we do plan to record the webinars and make them available in the help center for those who cannot attend.

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    Lucy Davies

    Will the webinars be recorded so that those who can't attend them at 11am Pacific Time (e.g Australia) can watch them at another time?

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    Lorrie Chisholm

    Will there be any Q&A documentation for the live sessions?


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    Karl-Rainer Blumenthal

    And we're off! :-) Thanks to everyone who joined us for our first "special topic" in this year's program of advanced training sessions. If you couldn't join us, or want to review, you can catch up with a recording of Archiving Video Content here.

    We'll reconvene on March 14 for another live session on advanced crawl scoping tools and techniques (a repeat of the webinar that was held last fall) and again on May 2 to review the different strategies for enabling/boosting access to Archive-It collections that partners use. To sign up for either/both, use the registration form above and look forward to call-in details as the dates approach.

    And as always let us know if there are other topics that you would like to get the advanced training treatment here!

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    Freya Anderson

    Thanks for the first session.  Very helpful and interesting!

    I'm a bit of a newbie with Archive-It, but would dearly love to learn more about almost anything related to QA.  Workflows would great, but I'd especially appreciate any tricks for troubleshooting why files that appear to be in scope weren't archived in the initial crawl.

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    Renate Hannemann


    I missed the last online tutorial "Access to Archive-It Collection", May 2nd - joined the session in the first place but dropped out and couldn't sign in any more. Will there be a video of this tutorial available in the help center, too?

    Thanks a lot!

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    Karl-Rainer Blumenthal

    Hi, Renate! Yes, we're adding recordings of our webinars regularly to this Help Center page for live trainings, but for simplicity I will add the same links to the schedule at the top of this thread, too. The Access webinar recording us up and ready whenever you are :-)

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    Tara Laver

    How about something on metadata? I know OCLC is developing best practices, so it may be a bit premature, but it would be helpful to have a demonstration at least about the various levels at which you can supply metadata, how it displays to the public and how searching works, for example, so that as those best practices are released we have some ideas about navigating to implement them and how things behave.

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