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    Karl Blumenthal

    Hi, Anu! If I understand correctly, you're referencing "statements" like the ones below, seen on seeds in an Archive-It partner's portal on the public website?

    These data are automatically generated to reflect the number of times that the given seed has in fact been crawled, and for the end-users' convenience provide some direct links to videos that were captured in the process. You should therefore see these fields populate without any need for manual entry/editing.

    If you do not have publicly accessible collections on the partner website, you can still see the above by looking at each collection's private browsing portal -- an interface that looks just like the above, but which is not discoverable by the general public on the Archive-It website. For more information about that feature, see:

    Let me know if that answer misses the mark though, of course!

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    Anu Kasarabada

    Karl, that's exactly what I needed. Our crawls are private, and I hadn't accessed the private portal before. Thank you! -Anu

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