2018 PM in DC - Breakout Group 3: Collaborative web archiving



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    Jillian Lohndorf (Edited )
    • working with external and internal stakeholders
    •    using different Google forms for external/internal stakeholders
    •    email address where people can contact to nominate content
    •    creating a logo for external folks to display when their content has been archived (NYARC)
    • content duplication/collaboration on collections
    •    using CobWeb as a tool 
    •    role of collection policies in speed of response when content needs to be collected
    •    supporting access across collaborators
    • workflow collaboration 
    •    CA.gov holds metadata sprints
    •    seed nomination using Google forms - key is to make it low barrier to participate 
    • instruction/outreach: to internal, allied professions, educational partners; teaching about web archives in the context of archives; embedded in other context (ie, class about protest, then archiving protest content); Documenting the Now (social media archiving project); working with scholars, relevant users; teaching those how to create their own web archives
    •    how to entice/motivate others to learn about/use web archives
    •    leveraging recent public motivation to archive government content
    •    keeping it low barrier to participate- packaging work into 1-2 hour bite sized chunks 
    • Tools: face to face conversation, CobWeb, Google sheets for metadata (with fixed fields), using OpenSearch/catalog/discovery layer to float content 
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