Test crawls URLs not showing up in Wayback


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    Karl-Rainer Blumenthal

    Hi, Sarah! Apologies that this wasn't clearer as you reviewed your crawls, but the good news is that your test captures are indeed available to view in Wayback here:



    Just note that -test text next to the collection number in the URLs above that does not appear in the links that you are following in your post. These -test style of links should be in your test crawl's Seeds report, so do by all means let us know via the support channel if you see anything to the contrary and we'll check it out. Wayback URLs like the ones that you provided appear in your overarching collection's Seeds tab and will work only if and when you elect to permanently save the contents of your tests.

    In this case, I think that you will find little difference between crawling your Twitter post seed as a "standard" or "one page" seed because the way that the seed is formatted, with a trailing slash after the post ID number, effectively constricts the scope of the crawl to that one post alone. Let us know if that raises any new questions about formatting or scoping strategy though, of course!


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