2018 PM in DC - Breakout Group 1: Show and tell



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    Karl-Rainer Blumenthal

    At the “Show and tell” demo station we looked up-close at some new and new-to-you tools that all Archive-It partners can use to create and manage their web archives. Follow their links for fully illustrated documentation and video demonstrations to follow along from home!

    Collecting tools:

    • Brozzler - For those who haven’t tried the new capture technology yet, we walked through the very simple process of using it in place of “standard” crawling tech and how/why it can improve archives of especially media-rich web pages and sites. For a short, guided introduction to the tech, its use cases, and how to use it, see our advanced training video: Introduction to Brozzler.

    • W/ARC Uploader - For those partners who inherit WARC or ARC files from legacy systems, create them with other capture tools, or receive them as donations, we walked through the new tool to upload those files directly into Archive-It collections, where they can be indexed for Wayback replay and search like all captures.

    • InstaCrawl - And for those partners who need to capture seeds quickly from their account’s home page, we unveiled and demonstrated this brand new tool to immediately add new seeds and even collections with an instant crawl.

    And tools for better understanding your captures and archives:

    • The CDX/C API - To glean more information than the Wayback interface provides and better understand why, how, and when any captured document was archived, we used this API to look into Wayback’s back-of-the-book index of captures. To watch a similar (short!) demonstration of this index, its API, and use cases, see the Archive-It web archivists’ “Under the Hood” advanced training video.

    • Developer tools - And to learn more about each captured document in context, we covered why and how to use “dev tools,” a feature of every web browser that partners can use for scoping and QA help, and generally to understand each puzzle piece that constitutes a full (live or archived) web page more completely. You can likewise always see a recorded demo of this feature in the Under the Hood training’s “Browser Tips” section.
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