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    Mary Haberle (Edited )

    Hi Kevin,

    We're not aware of any institutions that have integrated ORCID identifiers into their collections. I ran a quick search on the public site for the term "ORCID" and the ORCID id prefix "https://orcid.org/", but didn't retrieve any relevant metadata results.

    It is possible to add custom repeatable metadata fields, but please be aware that values entered as URI/URLs will not be clickable by the end user, who will need to copy and paste any link into a browser in order to navigate to the resource.

    Archive-It is always interested to learn about the systems our partners use to determine whether there is sufficient interest for us to reach out regarding an integration. Please feel welcome to add the ability to integrate ORCID ids as a Feature Request. That way if other ORCID users are interested, they can up-vote and comment in support.

    Many thanks,


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