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    Mary Haberle

    Hi Morgan,

    Thanks for writing in. Don't worry, you aren't missing anything. There was an issue earlier this week that created a backlog for processing saved test crawls. This has been addressed, but due to the processing queue there will continue to be delays for saved test crawls to become available in Wayback. We hope that these will clear up by the end of the week. In general, Skip is correct that submitting a support ticket is the best way to follow up on similar issues--thanks, Skip!



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    Skip Kendall

    I'd put in a ticket for it.  I've seen this problem occur when there were technical difficulties happening at Archive-It, though I've seen test crawls come through fine in the period you suggest so that's probably not it.  There are probably a lot of possible reasons for this but this is currently happening with certain YouTube and SoundCloud seeds where the crawl maxes out on media before actually grabbing the seed page.  They're working on it but would probably welcome more examples so a ticket would be in order there, too.

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