Capturing intranet



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    Karl-Rainer Blumenthal

    Hi, Stefana. Good question! Thanks for asking it.

    As I think you guessed here, the availability of this site only on your local network likely means that our capture technology cannot see it on the web from its own home servers in the Bay Area. That doesn't leave us without options, though. If for instance your local IT can host this site on the World Wide Web, even for a temporary crawling period and/or only visibly to our crawlers' IP range, then that could maintain the discretion that they want and the availability we need to get a copy into the archive. Let us know directly if we can provide any more information about our tech that would help them to do so.

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    Stefana Breitwieser

    Thanks so much, Karl! I'll be in touch directly when I have more information. 

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