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    Jillian Bryant

    Great question! Public seeds provide an access point to any content that was archived in a collection. If a seed was crawled, then deleted, the data would still be accessible in your collection. It's also possible that you're seeing captures for the seed you just added because that page was linked to and crawled via another seed in your collection

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    Larissa Ringham

    I have some seeds in a collection that were deleted and I am finding the same thing: that they are showing up in the public interface with no captures. In future I can make seeds private so they do not display, but for the ones that are already deleted, is there anything we can do to hide/remove these seeds for the public? We have had a few inquiries about this and I would love to be able to remove them altogether.

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    Sylvie Rollason-Cass (Edited )

    Document level metadata surfaces URLs in public collections the same way adding URLs as seeds does, and is a common reason why a non-seed URL would appear on the public site or why a seed might be listed twice (often with different metadata). If you see this happening, log into your Archive-It account and take a look at the collection's Bulk Document Metadata tab. Any URLs listed there will also likely show up on your public collection page.

    If you'd like to remove document metadata simply download the existing metadata as a spreadsheet, remove the unnecessary entries from that spreadsheet, and select the Overwrite option when you re-upload. Instructions for doing this are available on our Bulk Editing Document Metadata page

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