Archiving Facebook and Setting Data Limits Question



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    Karl-Rainer Blumenthal

    Hi, Sean! We recommend limiting Facebook data at the seed rather than collection level. If this is your first time applying seed-level scoping rules, you can follow the instructions here. For each Facebook seed then, we recommend starting with a 1 GB data (as opposed to document) limit. Our general guidelines for Facebook include these and all other scoping requirements that you should need, but if you can use any further help interpreting your scope or its results, definitely do get in touch directly via our support ticketing system.

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    Sean S. Szydel

    Also, what type (Standard, One Page) should Facebook or social media website be set at?


    Sean Szydel

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    Jillian Lohndorf

    Hi Sean!  You can read all of our scoping recommendations for Facebook here.  We have similar types of recommendations for other social media platforms in the "Scoping crawl for specific types of sites" section of the User Guide.

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