Web Archiving but not on displayed on our ArchiveIT collection


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    Karl Blumenthal

    Hello Kelly,

    That's good thinking to use Save Page Now. If I understand correctly and the priority is to make sure that a few select pages are preserved in the Wayback Machine collection on archive.org, then I think you're all set. These pages are stored in the same standard WARC file format as Archive-It crawls, stored and maintained by the Internet Archive, and should remain accessible perpetually.

    When/if you need more, I might recommend first checking in to see if the pages are in the collecting scope of our partners at the South Dakota State Archives and South Dakota State Library here.

    Or, if you need to collect them yourself ultimately, we could check for any efficiencies that could pare down the volume of data so that it is more manageable on your budget. Selecting the right seed type and scope constraints can go a long way to elide superfluous data that you may not want or need to preserve, for instance.

    Let us know here if we can help further, though!

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